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This document contains a complete Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay!

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Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we're pretty sure you'll find what you're looking for here. This document contains a complete Witch Hunters: Full Moon Ceremony game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay! We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game.

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Beauty is a fleeting thing that everyone knows will eventually give way to the physical s and effects of aging. You can imagine yourself as Angelica, as you head off on your quest to retrieving your looks through a series of puzzles, hidden object games, and other brain twizzlers. This Witch Hunters — Stolen Beauty Walkthrough will aid you on your quest with advice on locations, visual cues, and helpful advice. Power your way through eight levels of brain busting puzzles, hidden object games, and a host of other puzzling situations.

Use the on-screen hint button or simply refer to this Witch Hunters — Stolen Beauty walkthrough for ideas, instruction, or guidance when you feel that you are lost or unsure of where to make your next move. Gameplay Controls There is no special skill needed to successfully bring the evil head mistress Madame Flemet to justice.

All moves can be done with the click of your mouse and the drop-and-drag feature. There are on-screen hints that you can quickly utilize such as:. These are valuable aids witch hunter walkthrough active play, but for those times when you find yourself really stumped, rely on this walkthrough to help you all of the way to your graduation from this hellish boarding school.

Witch hunter raid quest guide

General Tips This storyline and game is simple to follow if you know a few pieces of inside information about the basics of playing such as:. Playing Tips and Tricks When it comes to maneuvering through this game effortlessly, there are a few items that can help make your game a fun, challenging, and entertaining experience.

Your game will challenge and entertain if you take these pieces of advice into consideration:. Shoo away the Crow to reveal the Hint Button. Find and collect the necessary parts for the statues; the Statue Handthe Statue Footthe Statue Faceand a Wreath along with the Hexagon at the base of the right statue.

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The at the upper right holds a Note and a Snake Key. Place the items from your inventory onto the statues where necessary. There is a hidden game behind the Dead Vines on the right. Click on the Plaque to the left of the statue to reveal a Red Ring. Use the Red Ring and the Blue Ring to open the gate.

Finding all of the items on this hidden object game will award you a Blue Ring for the gate to the school grounds. Place the two rings into the spaces on the Gate to unlock and enter the School Yard.

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Find a Brick on the ground under the tree. Go through the Door in the fence to the right of the school. Here you will need to collect a Snake Key and a Weight. The Bricks around the Doorway are a succession puzzle. Place the Brick from your inventory into the missing space.

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Go to the Front Door of the school. Collect a Button and a Hexagon.

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Hang the Weight in the middle of the Chain on the left wall. Pick up the Brick that falls. Move the stone at the bottom left of the Doorway and observe.

Walkthrough menu

Return to the Side Door and the Brick puzzle. Press on the Bricks around the doorway to solve this puzzle. Schooch away the Kitty Cat and collect the Hexagon from the tree directly above that area. Search and find the hidden object game in the rear center of the screen.

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Items that are listed on the bottom of the screen need to be located. The green highlighted objects are hidden by other objects and need to be uncovered. When you have found all of the listed items, you will be rewarded with a Drum. Upon returning to the Gardenput the Drum by the Teddy Bear on the bench. Click the leaf in front of the Teddy Bear to collect a Hexagon and a Button.

Collect a Hexagon from the Planter. Collect the Snake Key and the Hexagon. Look at the Card on the right. Exit to the Fountain.

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Pick up the Trowel from the left. Look at the Valve in the center and collect the Hexagon. Return to the Gazebo. Look at the missing Hexagon pieces in the floor and replace them with the ones in your inventory. This will trigger a mini-game. The puzzle pieces need to be matched on all sides to complete this puzzle.

Follow the pattern on the image for the accurate placement of the Hexagons and collect an Ornament that you can take with you back to the Planter.

Look closely at the Planter to use your Trowel to dig up a Bell. Return to the School Grounds. Place your Ornament into the space on the side of the Pool. Locate all of the items on the list to earn a Bell Clapper. Witch hunter walkthrough to the Front Door of the school. Take the Bell Clapper and place it in the Bell. Ring the Bell. Check out the lock on the door; put the Bell in the missing spot to engage a puzzle. There is a hidden object game at the far end of the hall.

Find all of the listed items to be rewarded a Screwdriver. Go back to the Fountain. Use the Screwdriver to open the box and collect a Button that you can take with you to the Staircase in the Foyer. Use the Coins from your inventory to trigger a puzzle in the Door Lock. Place them in the correct pattern to gain access to the Classroom. Enter the Classroom and look at the Briefcase to click the Key for the Clock Keyclick on the Briefcase to collect the Scoopand collect the Spyglass from the Desk.

Use it to look at the Notebook. Return to the Foyer. Use the Clock Key to open the front of the Clock. Collect the Knife and return to the Classroom.

Use the Knife to break the seal on the Cabinet Doors. Return to the Foyer with the Clock Weight. Place the Clock Weight into the Clock. This engages a Mini-game.

Follow the pattern to move on to the Dining Room. Retrieve the Nippers from next to the overturned chair. Visit the Curtain to look at the Window. Collect the Pitcher. Look at the Door Lock on the left to find a puzzle. Follow the pattern to unlock the door to the Kitchen. While here, you will need to collect Chalk and an Oil Can by using the Knife from your inventory to open the Cupboard. Travel to the Foyer. Return to the door on the left and put the Coin from your inventory into the slot.

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Travel back to the Fountain. Use your Oil Can on the Valve to be rewarded a Valve. Go once again to the Kitchen. Visit the Oven and add the Valve. Visit the Messy Work Area for a hidden object game. Find all of the objects in this puzzle to collect a Brush. Back in the Kitchenlook on the Shelf to retrieve a Handle and read the Note.

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Return to the Classroom. Look in the Desk. Use the Ash and the Brush from your inventory to reveal the Message. Travel to the Gazebo.