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This place will get you where you need to be in record time as it presents all sorts of amazing and sexy porn pic collections to you at no cost whatsoever.

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Free Katya sambuca url galleries sex movie was added 18 days ago together with more katyasambucagalleries videos.

Years: 35
What is my ethnicity: Turkish
Color of my eyes: Enormous brown
My sex: I am girl
Sign of the zodiac: Cancer
Body features: My figure features is skinny
Favourite drink: Absinthe
My piercing: I don't have piercings

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In fact, it might actually be my absolute favorite site on the web. With fascinating and fun to read articles about sex and the porn industry updated daily, you really cannot go wrong! Amateur sites like Damp Lips are the next big thing in porn it seems like. With web de easier than ever, and big-name studios looking to get their smut out to as many people as possible. So, if you like high-quality previews of the best porn on the web, then this is a site that you should check out. The Dutch are known for many things — windmills, wooden shoes, and tall people with url galleries jaws.


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Like tube sites, porn blogs these days are everywhere, and many people might think, "why should I an old one like Alrincon. To find out what, ! Give it a try or a pass, up to you. Unfortunately, there are no videos or animations; this is classic picture porno only.

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URL Galleries! Pic porn is kind of dying art these days. It seems like the golden era of photo smut is over and since everyone seems to have moved onto all sorts of multimedia from full-length movies, to average length videos, quickie clips, and virtual reality experience.

But there still are at least a few enthusiasts and websites who cater to the most classy way porn has been enjoyed. And ever since the explosion in amateur uplo since pretty much everyone has high def recording equipment, there are even photo porno sites which specialize in providing a platform for non-professionals url galleries want to show off their bodies and make some cash at the same time.

If that interests you, as either a viewer or a poster, the URL Galleries is for you. An Oldie But Goodie Porn is almost as old as the internet. Anyway, porn has been growing in waves since the dawn of the net, and one of my favorite waves was back in the mids. After all, unlike in the internet dark ages AKA the nineties when pics slowly ed in sections during this era download speeds for photos was lightning fast.

And some creative net-entrepreneurs took advantage url galleries the new technology with all kinds of neat new smut sites.

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One of those bold, boob-packed experiments is URL Galleries, and despite its age, it offers something for both voyeurs and exhibitionists. To have all of your questions answered as to the who, what, and why, keep on reading.

Top 10 sites like urlgalleries

I mean common on, there are over 78,! But I did give looking at a lot of them an honest go. From what I have seen, there are blondes, brunettes, raven-haired, and red-headed girls — though mostly with shaved bush, so no fire crotch — and women of every ethnicity.

While the idea was to give amateurs exposure url galleries trying to launch their porn career, but a good of pro and semi-pro performers have started to the site as the years have gone on. But no matter which kind of girl you prefer, there are plenty of hot honeys to look at since a photo set isn't just about the type of girl but what she's doing.

Every kind of pose and scenario is posted here, including some I hadn't even imagined. Some girls are a bit conservative and photographed on a typical photoshoot set stripping down and diddling themselves while others get more creative and are shot on beaches, in offices, or even more exotic settings. And speaking of exotic, the costumes these ladies wear, the way they take them off, and the toys that they play with will make both of your he explode.

I'll let you url galleries out for yourself, but if you check it out for yourself but to give you an idea of what you have to look forward to there are even photosets of heavily pregnant women. When you click on a gallery, you see a massive set of photos which you can see all at once as thumbnails and change the of thumbnails you can see per. To give you an idea of how many there can be per — and how many you can see on a gallery — including 10, 25, 50, all the way up to 1,!

How do they get there? Just a tip to any guys who think they might want to try their luck on promoting themselves on URL Galleries: don't! I tried and apparently, it's a platform for females only, and they especially don't want to see any "shriveled up four-inch pickle" or whatever.

And all I wanted to do is just promote my own junk to some desperate Russian brides who wanted to see the goods and my PayPal before meeting me. Now none of them will ever get back to me. But I do know that there are literally tens of thousands of url galleries, so it must be lucrative for at least some of them. And rather than have to meticulously go over your own tracking, URL Cash does it all for you.

So, the only thing you need to worry about is posting pics and making lo of money. And…you'd be wrong.

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As someone who lives in cyberspace, I get most of my social time online so when I check out any site, especially an NSFW one which I spend a lot of time on, I check out the social features. But sadly, there is no way to talk to or anyway to give the model feedback.


Well, not every webmaster has gotten the memo since the of search features on URL Galleries seems to be limited to what people could do circa To be fair, the built-in search engine does work just fine and does give you the that you want…at least sometimes. The problem is that with so many posts, only some of which do have keywords, there should be more ways to find what you want.

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But you can only search through the galleries by relevance or by the date they were added. On the other hand, there is a category section which does make finding certain content easier and does have the typical section plus some unusual ones. To give you an idea of the latter, there are sections like Downblouse, Celeb-Oops, Lactating, Gothic, and even some stuff called Mixed-Content. But with so much on this site, the whole site needs to be tagged up with keywords to url galleries finding stuff easier.

Since URL Gallery was made way before the days of smartphones and tablets and hasn't been updated much, I was thinking that the mobile version was going to be a disaster. But weirdly, the mobile version seems to run decently. Overall, the mobile site runs about as well or as iffy as the desktop version does.

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Seriously, every other post there is one ad after another. They should take a note from people like me and ThePornDude, and there are other ways to get money off of nudity without being url galleries on ad revenue. And if those people want some advice slide into my DMs. Those people read: women who include tit pics or want to go on a virtual World of Warcraft date with me get priority. For one, there is no consistent background color on any of the webs. On the mainyou'll see a pleasant mix of stark white and a soft, complementary shade of blue while on the photo gallery s you will have to endure a few different shades of puke green with some teal splashed in for variety while on the main.

It was so jarring to me at first that I almost didn't want to click on the next gallery, despite how hot to girl looked.'s similar sites

So, the first thing I would do is change the color scheme. Honestly, I sometimes think that this site was slapped together by two secondary school students who had different ideas as to how the site should look.

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And if you are going to put banner on the site, it would be nice to have them placed sensibly. Seriously, some of the seem to be haphazardly plastered all over the place. With a site this url galleries, I'd also add some new search features beyond keyword relevance, and date added. That part of the site needs to change. To be honest, this site is kinda hit or miss and whether or not you like it is going to depend on your taste…and patience.

On a positive note, with tens of thousands of s with dozens of pictures, this is one of the biggest porn pic archives. And with several new galleries ed each and every day, you'll always have something fresh to look at. On top of that, the site desperately needs to be updated with better search options. NET on PornGeek! ThePornDude Blog. Top Premium Porn Sites.

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