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I would like seek men who like top sex forum

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Hip Forums. I don't know, maybe well, probably a similar topic has its own thread somewhere, but I did not find it mind you, I'm a lousy searcher. So as the title says, what's the best sex experience you've ever had? Let me start. I was not having any luck with any of the women I really felt attracted to. It was a Saturday afternoon and I started considering spending the evening alone, which was a depressing thought.

Years old: I am 28
What is my nationaly: Thai
Tint of my iris: Huge brown
My body features: My figure type is quite plump
What I prefer to drink: I prefer to drink rum
Smoker: Yes

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Discussion in ' Love and Sex ' started by HyzenthlayApr 8, Hip Forums. Okay, so I understand that I'm young and that there is so much sex in my future, but I'd like to take the time right now to gush that I just had the best sex I've ever had up to this point. Seriously, I nearly went into a coma.

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It was long, it was rough in places and sensual in others. I got flipped into so many positions that I think I won't be able to walk tomorrow.

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I'm usually a very quiet person when it comes to sex - soft moans are normally all that come out of me - but this time I started gasping the most obscene comments; I didn't even think, I was just getting fucked so hard that I had to let it out and I was practically FORCED into crying and babbling swear words. I came multiple times and even ejaculated, something I've never done except with a giant dildo.

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I felt so animalistic, gushing all over him What's terrible is that right now, while I'm still sore and a little bit damp, I'm ready for more. I foresee a blowjob in my boyfriend's immediate future. I've never wanted to suck a dick so badly I'm pretty sure that tomorrow in school, I'm going to text him, meet him in a bathroom, and blow him with all the enthusiasm in the world, and swallow every drop of him sometimes I love not being disgusted by come the way some girls are!

I feel like a dog in heat, but it's amazing. I want everything, and I'm pretty sure that his request for anal will soon be met, because what the hell? If I'm still this horny in the next few days and I will beI'll probably be begging for him to fuck my top sex forum. Has anyone else ever had the amazing fortune to feel this way?

Who was it with, a one-night stand deal or your spouse? Was it memorable for its sweetness, or its rawness, or a little bit of both? I'm just so into sex right now, you have no idea. HyzenthlayApr 8, PmethApr 8, The best sex I've had so far was with my ex. We dated for a year and a half, but the best sex was after we broke up. I'm not very proud of it or anything, but she was married at the time. But DAMN was it some good sex.

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We had a Kama Sutra book out in front of us and crossed off all the positions as we went. It was fast, slow, hard, soft, nasty, tasty, rough, and wet all over. She made noises I've never heard any kind of creature make. Clothes were torn, and sheets were ripped in half. A couch broke into two peices and a chair busted apart.

The sex was great while we were together, but not like THAT. It was euphoric to extreems that I never thought possible. Gives me shivers just thinking about it! LetLovinTakeHoldApr 8, This hatian nurse that picked me up, was REAL good.

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Sex was really rough and she had a super tight, but voluptuous body. Serena Williams-look-alike. The brazilian prostitute was also real good, and we kept in touch for a long time afterwards. Plus she had the roundest, most voluptuous ass I've ever had, and I've had a few of those. Recently I had my first multiple orgasm experience. Unfortunately the girl turns cold on me after she's had her 3-odd orgasms, and we had to stop. Can't stand that TransAmRockerApr 11, I was at this photoshoot in Coquitlam outside Vancouverdoing a test shoot with this Singaporean photographer who was sort of learning photography.

Her husband was about 40, this exs-rock-singer guy in a wheelchair.

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Anyway, I was nude nude shoot and while I was on a break, having some tea, he encouraged her to take off her clothes, too, because I "shouldn't have to walk around naked on my own. Then he started hinting I should feel how smooth she is because she's naturally fucking softer than silk and I'm so jealous!

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Aaaanywho, one thing lead to another and she ended up giving me oral on their living room floor, her husband watching and giving us tips! Honestly, this girl was mindblowing!

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She was so gorgeous and softer than any woman I've come in contact with, and her tongue was soo good And I think the bizarreness of the situation- sleeping with my photographer in her house with her wheelchaired singer husband watching and instructing- definitely helped! She had me top sex forum a point where I couldn't think, see clearly, or do anything but take it, and I really believe the neighbors in the apartment got a good show because I didn't even attempt to be quiet SunburstApr 12, AvengingFlowerApr 14, SlothguyApr 15, Thank you, Slothguy AvengingFlower, do you disapprove of every post where someone discusses their personal sexuality?

Because there are quite a lot of them, to say the least. I thought that the point of a forum dedicated to sex might be to - I don't know - discuss sex, in an open manner. I'm sorry if I offended you, but I don't exactly regret posting about something explicit in a forum dedicated to just that.

Also, I find it a little odd that you feel so sure that my sex life will be ruined. I'm in a loving, stable, monogamous relationship with someone my own age. I take the birth control pill Yaz religiously, and have done so for five months. Sometimes, we even use condoms as a backup on period days, especially, or in the first week or so of a new pack of pills when we're paranoid top sex forum it. With five months of steady pill use, I doubt I'm going to get pregnant. You know and I don't mean this as a specific attack on you, AvengingFlowersometimes I get a little insulted at how so many people think that ALL teenagers can't handle sex, that they're ALL so stupid and unthinking.

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I waited to lose my virginity to someone I cared about, I discussed it with him for weeks beforehand, and I made sure that we were as safe as possible. For God's sake, for the first two months of the pill, we were such worrywarts that we used condoms with spermicide top sex forum a backup! We're hardly the kind to just throw caution to the wind. We've even discussed what we'd do if I got pregnant, should something that unlikely happen, so that we wouldn't be totally clueless if it happened.

Some teenagers ARE responsible, so I don't feel bad at all for celebrating my sexuality now, at age HyzenthlayApr 15, One Xmas eve, my late wife and I had some really perfect sex, so perfect that we came at the same time and our bodies and souls melded together into one being for an instant. Nine months later we had identical twins.

CuttedApr 25, I like to fuck inside a car. Well, I feel like I'm having to defend myself a bit too much, but whatever I wrote what I did because I wanted to give a "starter story. Honestly, I don't see what the fuss is about. I've read dozens upon dozens of posts in these very forums where people describe, in extreme detail, what they like done to them, etc.

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Is it because I'm young? If I just wanted to turn guys on for the hell of it, I'd be one of those girls who gets on Myspace and posts half-naked pictures of herself pouting luxuriously into the camera.

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I didn't, because I wanted to discuss sex - yes, even my sex, other people's sex, sex in general. I thought that's what this entire place was for. And, despite the fact that I feel like it's a bit intrusive, I'll tell you what I'd do if I got pregnant: I'd go to a clinic and consider abortion.

If I decided that I couldn't take the emotional ramifications, my boyfriend has said that he'd be willing to put off college to take up his currently part-time job full-time. My parents have expressed a willingness to help if it happened.

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All of this despite the fact that it probably just won't happen. The effectiveness of the pill is high, especially when taken exactly and correctly as I have been doing for months.

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Oh, and by the way - guys can have multiple orgasms. Look it up. It's difficult and takes time, but it can be done. I don't feel the need to put in a disclaimer every time I post something. Do you realize how ridiculously long my first post would've been if I'd put all that defense about me being in a relationship into it?

HyzenthlayApr 28,