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Wonderful woman looking up male tate beauty and the geek bites

Following the premise of the original show, the show follows a group of "Beauties" women who rely on their attractiveness and outgoing personalities but typically lack intellect "Geeks" men who rely on intellect but typically lack the social ability who must pair up to compete in challenges to survive episodic elimination. While a competition, the show is also billed as a social experiment, in which each contestant typically learns from their opposite teammate - both in what trait they lack and in understanding another perspective.

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Not long ago Tate Putnins was just an engineering student at Melbourne's RMIT, but these days he is a contestant on Beauty and the Geek and a soon-to-be underwear model.

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Putnins was entered in the show by his university mates as a joke, but appears to be succeeding in the match-making show after winning a modelling contract with Australian men's underwear and swimwear brand Aussiebum. Beauty or a Geek? Tate Putnins' before shot as a 'geek' and after shot after his 'makeover'.

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Credit: Seven Network. The contract was the prize at the end of Thursday's "makeover extravaganza," where the geeks underwent some radical grooming to get them as close as possible to catwalk-ready.

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But a picture of Putnins before the show suggests he may have already experienced a hefty makeover to become his "geek" TV-self. Of his appearance as a geek, he says the show is "pretty liberal with truth".

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A lot of elements like my dress sense are there but they have just accentuated them," he said, adding that his bowl-cut hair-do is a new addition. On the show they make it neater and cleaner.

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Like the Pokemon shirt, I love it," he said. The "destyling" of contestants is not exactly new to the series, one insider confirmed.

The best 'beauty and the geek' makeover we've ever seen.

"geeks" have been given less stylish glasses, clothes and hairstyles to accentuate the impact of the makeover, to the point where they walk in with one look, are ased another, then "emerge" looking pretty much as they always did to the amazement of the same "beauties" who wouldn't have looked twice at them in the first place.

At this stage Putnins said he does not know what to expect from the Aussiebum contract, but it is sure to be a far cry from his days wearing Pokemon T-shirts.

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Although Aussiebum is not a sponsor, it is not the show's first dealings with Aussiebum. In a former Aussiebum model, Troy Thompson, featured on the show as the novelty male "beauty" alongside a female "geek".

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Follow Entertainment on Twitter. Beauty and the Geek's Tate Putnins goes from student to geek to model.

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Please try again later. The Sydney Morning Herald. By Lucy Cormack November 6, — Save Log inregister or subscribe to save articles for later.

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Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size. The contestants however, were usually only too happy to play their part. this article.

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