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Oculus rift sex simulator found femme that wants tranny

The Chicago Reader. The best VR porn games to play in Paid sponsored content.

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And with a little handiwork, all of that can be played straight on your Quest.

Age: 34
Available for: Guy
My hair: Dark-haired
Body piercings: None

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Virtual reality, as a concept, has been around for decades. But now this VR sex is no longer just a hypothetical.

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Titan by KIIROO is the first-ever interactive vibrating stroker that will bring the all-important fourth dimension to your virtual porn experience. With Neuromancer tech like this in your home, your real concern will be finding adequate reasons to go outside.

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Of course, not going outside is en vogue in a big way these days, which may for why more people than ever are interested in Titan by KIIROO. All shipments are guaranteed to be discreet, if for no other reason than to keep your neighbors from wanting to come over and try it out for themselves.

Hopefully, the future of the human race will survive this innovation in sexual pleasure.

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Imitation Game. You're Fired. Future Vision. Keep up.

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