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It took only two minutes. An unfounded report on a little-known blog claiming that Gov. Nikki R. Haley was about to be indicted rocketed from South Carolina political circles into national circulation, along the way becoming the latest lesson in the perils of an instantaneous news culture.

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Haley to rush to defend herself against a false rumor. There were elements of old-fashioned South Carolina sabotage: an embattled Republican governor and possible vice-presidential contender dogged by unproven accusations of impropriety. And there were modern twists: a liberal-leaning year-old blogger eager to make a name for his new Web site, and a buzz-seeking political press corps that looks to the real-time, unedited world of Twitter as the first place to break news.

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In retrospect, there were clear reasons to doubt the March 29 report, from a blog called the Palmetto Public Recordthat Ms. Haley was facing indictment on tax fraud charges. Later, in an e-mail, Mr. Smith said he could not be sure whether his sources were correct. He did not respond to questions asking for further clarification.

But journalists from news outlets that reposted Mr. March 29, p.

Nikki haley hits twitter for disputing election fraud tweet, leaving iranian leader’s holocaust 'doubts'

Stay tuned. Some then repost the item — BuzzFeed just two minutes later; The Washington Post 18 minutes after that. Haley as one of many possible vice-presidential choices, receives a request for comment from ABC News.

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Nikki Haley. Haley had tried in vain to persuade the reporter at The State not to write anything.

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There are no facts here. Her office, which chalked the report up to a plant by a political opponent, later released a letter from the Internal Revenue Service declaring that there was no tax investigation.

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This episode is not the first time that a questionable Twitter report has roiled the elections — the first presidential campaign in which the microblogging service has been used broadly by news outlets as a way to report and break news. And although many news organizations have set standards for the use of Twitter by their journalists, reporters remain largely free to exercise their own, unedited news judgment. And as the Palmetto Public Record episode shows, anyone can inject himself into that conversation.

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If it had been a newspaper report, it could have hung out there for a day. York, a prolific Twitter poster, decided not to send the item out to his 30, followers.

A lie races across twitter before the truth can boot up

Haley, who has lived with an unfounded blog report of marital infidelity since before she took office, fears that the episode may have done lasting damage to her reputation. She said she was not certain that it could be easily repaired.

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But she is certain of one thing.