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Narcosxxx review liked pick male who loves tattoos

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The popular Netflix series, Narcos, tells the dramatic story of how the cocaine industry began to rise in Colombia back in the s. Watching drug kingpins off one another makes for incredible television. Likewise, NarcosXXX the porn game, makes for some pretty decent adult parody gaming fun. Because, the porn industry never lets a mainstream opportunity getaway just see Grand Fuck Auto as an example case.

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This is a review of an adult game known as NarcosXXX. Looking for an adult game with a sweet plot and all the sex you could want?

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This is likely the game for you. Normal video games give you decent stories, and they explore relationships between characters. The problem is that whenever they get to the good stuff in those relationships, they either skip over the action or censor it.

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Jumping into that video game world works out even better when you can enjoy yourself with some of the sexiest fictional content on the internet. The narcosxxx review wraps up an interesting, albeit initially confusing storyline with incredible adult action. One of the greatest things about this game is that it was developed using the world-famous Unity engine.

There are a lot of so-called games out there that are just attempts at getting you to download harmful stuff. You should also note that if you decide to take the plunge with NarcosXXX, you get access to a slew of other content that you can enjoy at your leisure. There over 1, adult DVDs that you get for when you want to watch some sexy action. Instead, you can stream the videos in regular resolution or HD. NarcosXXX is a whole gaming experience, but the of benefits you get with it border on unbelievable.

Narcos xxx addictive cocaine cartel porn game

That series centers around a character named Pablo, who is based on the infamous Pablo Escobar. The game allows you to live a similar life as a kingpin. This includes breaking the law, killing anyone who gets in your way, making a ton of money, and of course, having sex with a bunch of girls.

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The game can be played as either a cop or a member of the drug cartel. Since it wants to appeal to its audience, you can also indicate the way in which you like sex the most.

Narcosxxx review: a game of sex, money & drugs

You need to have what it takes to make your way there. All you know is that for some reason, your character has been arrested, and he was also stripped naked. Once this is all over, your character is then behind bars with a gun. This is where you get control of the player, and your first objective is to escape by murdering the various correctional officers as you storm out.

From there, the game boils down to building or destroying an empire depending on the role you choose and enjoying a lot of sex on the way to fulfilling that goal. This is one of the few adult sex games that has a difficulty narcosxxx review is balanced.

Narcosxxx basics: exploring the interface

There are action aspects to the game since there is a lot of shooting involved. If you kid around, your character may get killed. For a non-triple A game, the mechanics are surprisingly solid.

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You control it, and you can screw it up. Both penetrative and oral sex are available, and you need to move your mouse left and right to engage in them. Your movement patterns and speed determine the patterns and speed of what takes place on-screen. NarcosXXX is a great experience.

Narcos xxx

Therefore, there are numerous things that I think that the game does very well. These are as follows:. Comparable Game: Make sure to check out our review on Call of Booty. I think what impressed me the most is that this felt like a real game.

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I commend the team for creating such a complete experience while having such a detailed sex system present. The game is enjoyable both during and apart from the sexual action. Read Next. Jonnie RPG. Related Articles.