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Zagame’s Berwick Hotel

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288-296 Clyde Rd Berwick, Vic 3806
Phone 1
Food, Indoor
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Zagame’s Berwick is located at 288-296 Clyde Rd, Berwick, Victoria.
We rang up and booked in a table near the pay equipment. Upon arriving we are greeted at the door and taken to our table. Straight away the kids took off into the “Kids World” play room.

The play room is probably one of the biggest we have seen in a restaurant. There are lots and lots of tunnels, that run on multiple different levels. There are plenty of twists and turns and a couple slides.

Throughout the tunnels, there are lots of viewing windows, so that kids can see out, and also for parents to see in.

On the far wall, there is a car racing arcade game, plus a few claw games, for the kids to win some cool prizes or chocolates. In one of the far corners, there is a littler kids area, with a small shelter with some moving pieces and a smaller tunnel.

On the wall above the little kids area there is a large screen TV playing some movies. The night that we went, they had on “Rise of the Guardians”. Although it was hard to hear with the kids screaming a little, it still managed to keep some kids glued to it.

By the looks of it, most weekend nights there are face painters in the play room. Almost every child that was in the room, wanted to get their face or arm painted, so there was always a constant line. This night there were two face “artists”.

Some of the play equipment available in the park is:

  • Slides
  • Tunnels
  • Climbing net
  • Ship and car steering wheels
  • Naughts & Crosses
  • Car racing arcade games
  • Claw prize machines

Overall, the place is impressive, size wise, and there is a lot of space for quite a few kids, albeit quite noisy sometimes. The kids seem to love it.


The couple of times that we have been, the food has been quite good. Always very tasty and a good size meal. Definately not oversized meals, like some other similar restaurants. Although the meals are probably on the pricier side compared to other “Bistro” type restaurants, they appear to be worth.

Good food – tick
Good service – tick
Big playground – tick

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