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You have been Warned! Hence, Keep in mind that this list is mingled with various anime genres such as romance, magic, action, fantasy and much more themes that are really enjoyable to watch.

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List of the best Harem anime, voted on by Ranker's anime community. If harem highschool not familiar with the harem genre, it usually involves a character being surrounded by at least 3 members of the opposite gender. The genre is closely related to ecchi anime and many of them feature some of the hottest blonde anime girls. Harem anime is typically focused on a man and three women, while the opposite scenario is referred to as reverse harem anime. This poll includes video clips of each show, so if you haven't seen one you can watch it right here on this .

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Let's drop all pretenses and admit why we are all here We love harems! The thought of being the center of attention and attraction among a group of attractive people is a tempting if unrealistic fantasy. Anime provides a plentiful amount of wonderful harems that let our minds wander and fall into flights of fancy as we watch them.

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Though the opposite rings through too and sometimes it gives us harems that we would rather stay far and away from Don't get us wrong! Each of the girls by themselves are great girls with fun and engaging personalities. The problem is together they create a perfect storm. The upkeep is just too much. While they may be manageable by themselves, together they require way too much work to keep up with.

Often causing one disaster after the next in quick succession, it's surprising that they have not left Kazuma dirt poor, harem highschool, or dead permanently. Their selfish, masochistic, chunibyo and other personalities often force Kazuma to contend with them as much as his adversaries to use them effectively. The show is just so damn fluffy and sweet. Furthermore, those very same traits seem to spread themselves out among all of the great girls and turn them into a top tier harem. Seriously, what's not to love? All of the girls, and by extension the Kingdoms themselves, get along great with each other to the point where even their "wars" are treated more like games where casualties are non-existant and are televised live for all to see.

Each of the girls presents a wide range of personalities and lovable archetypes such as princess, tsundere, and ninja fox girl.

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The fact that most of them are cute animal girls is only a bonus! True to the show's title, Akkun is surrounded by girls that aren't exactly the brightest or are affected by the other's IQ enough to do stupid things in turn. Two of which have a problem picking up on the als that Akkun just isn't into them.

The young man far more interested in his studies that being involved in any sort of antics. Harem or otherwise That's not to mention how sexually aggressive a few of the girls get towards Akkun. Yoshiko constantly sneaks into his bed and tries harem highschool sneak a peek at him. Only to then try to get him to look at her half-naked, to his annoyance.

Then you have Fuuki the Disciplinary Committee President who acts opposite of her title and stalks poor Akkun. Come on girls, just let him study!

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Tomoya is surrounded by a group of girls that not only like him but take a general interest in his hobbies. Even Megumi, the most normal girl of the bunch and the aforementioned "boring girlfriend," does her best to learn about and sometimes play towards Tomoya's eccentric obsession with everything otaku.

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Then you go to the other girls and realize that Tomoya has a great list of potential lovers that all play to his interests. Eriri Spencer is his cute tsundere childhood friend that is the secret illustrator to one of the biggest doujin circles in Japan.

Meanwhile, Utaha is his attractive senpai at school who writes his favorite light novel. Each bringing a wonderful character dynamic between Tomoya and each other. This harem has a serious problem setting boundaries.

While they are often cute and attractive in their own ways, the members of Mahiro's harem go way too hard way too fast and constantly push him away instead, as well as, irritate him to no end.

The prime offender is Nyaruko herself whose full force affection and invasion of privacy causes him to reel back his affection for her. Kuuko, on the other hand, flip-flops between being the aggressive rival to his potential romance with Nyaruko and being a romanceable target herself.

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Lastly, Hasuta needs to take the hint and realize that Mahiro just isn't into him that way. It also doesn't help that each of these characters are eldritch abominations that may or may not have true forms that'll break his mind upon seeing them. After the death of her favorite anime character, Kae Serinuma came back hot and the boys did flock!

The young lady shedding several pounds and gaining the interest of a bevy of attractive young men that were interested in romancing the fujoshi queen. It didn't start that way, most of the boys are drawn in by her looks instead of her personality, but they all eventually genuinely care about harem highschool girl beyond the physical. Her sweet personality shining through to make them all fall in love with the nice girl underneath it all.

A few even say outright that they would still be in love with her even if she was still overweight.

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The harem is this show is under so many layers of wrong that you'll need a shovel to dig out any redeemable features. The show more of an excuse to show softcore incest porn than a story that centers around it harem.

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And boy, does the harem have problems. Each member is under a level of icky that some might find hard to deal with. Almost all of the potential relationships are wrong on many levels. The primary girls themselves are the not-blood-related sisters of the primary protagonist.

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Then there's his teacher and other girls he forms taboo relationships with. The big papa of harems has an excellent selection of girls to go with its pedigree.

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Forming a wide range of likable archetypes, it makes choosing just one hard. Everything from a mad scientist, princesses, and a space pirate are up for grabs for my man, Tenchi. Each with a personality that makes the show a harem highschool of the genre. The dynamic between the girls themselves is just as interesting as the dynamic they have with the object of their affection. No one girl holding too much power when it comes to the household or the fans and providing great checks and balances between them.

The fact that they have enough physical and political power among them to change the whole universe is only a benefit. There are several good reasons why School Days is the worst harem on this list and they are all because everyone is a terrible person.

Lust seems to motivate the protagonist, all of his harem, and other characters to do crazy things for a bit of carnal release. Betrayal, cheating, and even rape among the things they are willing to do to fulfill their selfish desires. Then there's the fact that the two primary romantic interests are no strangers to murder by the end of the series. Sekai eventually having had enough of Makoto's bullcrap and stabbing him dead, only to have Kotonoha kill her in retaliation. The end of the show concluding with Kotonoha taking Makoto's severed head on a boat trip.

Each of the girls in Highschool DxD could be the main lead in another romantic series. The girls are top-tier heroines in their own right that make Issei Harem highschool a very lucky young man.

First, there is a Rias Gremory who is a bombshell redhead and a born leader with a compassionate disposition that makes her excellent emotional support for Issei. Akeno Himejima may possess a bad girl streak or two but she is an elegant and refined young lady that doesn't mind playing towards Issei's more carnal desires.

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Asia is just a sweetheart. The cute girl could be considered a saint if she wasn't already a devil.

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