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When the dreaded lurgy strikes, day in bed can seem like the only option. But with Christmas just around the corner, few of us have the time - or inclination - to put up with a hacking cough or aching muscles for long. Now, help is at hand from a leading expert. But a steaming hot shower could be just what the doctor ordered. The hot water can soothe your throbbing Getting to know christine secret ending while the steam can help clear bunged up sinuses. Diet is essential in helping you on the road to recovery.

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Return to Hints and walkthroughs. Getting to Know Christine Here you can post hints or a complete walkthrough for any games. Please no requests for help or questions in this section. Post a reply. If you want to do things the slightly harder way, read on. Notes: 1. This walkthrough was written using the first released version of Getting To Know Christine, and earns out of points. Generally I've picked the path that ensures the most content while avoiding making Christine angry. This walkthrough does not cover the secret ending beyond pointing out the three actions you need to take to trigger it.

For example, if you refuse to plant the webcam the rest of the date will be different to what the walkthrough describes. I have not described the sex scenes because they are basically linear and require the player to simply work through all the available options. Where it says [varies] it means: a. Struggle to keep breathing Yes. I was a little worried that you'd feel bad that I waited.

Alright then. Compliment her looks. I'm not a very good one. Super attractive women always blow my cover. Well, I hope it is someday. I've just got an entry level position in a small firm.

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Do you carry a gun? So you really are a secret agent! Nervously I'm not sure what you mean.

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Ooh, I like this game. Match her orgasm face, and add in loud moaning. My heart's pounding, but I really like this game.

Getting to know christine secret ending

Kiss her. Go for broke and kiss her neck. A banana? Between your legs. And on later dates? And how is your banana sucking technique? I'll bet. You're too enthralled to say anything. Well the tip did. But what about the rest of it?

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Stare at her dumbfounded. Yell Suck that banana!

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Yell Deeper! Shout Go Christine! That was incredible. Take a deep breath Yeah, thanks.

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Damn, he looks tough. Wow, she's picking you over him?

Did this angel get lost on the way back to heaven? You heard the lady. Back off man. Try to punch him. But if you touch her again, I'll break your nose. Open your eyes. I think so. What happened to him? Then can you show me how to knock out a guy like that? Worried that she'll say something like "next year," you timidly ask "When? It's a date, then. Knock on the door.

Go in. Call back What if it wasn't me at the door? What if it was someone who wanted to take advantage of you? Gulp Okay, yes My god, do you ever rock. I'd watch you any chance I could get. Sounds exciting. I have to admit that's terrifying.

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But it's also really exciting. I'm in. Then go to the gym. Go to the sauna. Stare at her tits. Sneak over and get a better look.

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Go back and sit down a discreet distance away. Clear your throat.

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Sorry to disturb you. Hi Sandy, I'm Adrian. My new girlfriend convinced me to start working out.

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I suspect your boyfriend is pretty lucky too. Here she is. Sandy, this is my girlfriend Christine. I'm just trying to keep up. Damn, how many awesome women hang out here?

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True to Christine's word, you watch them for a few minutes. Sounds good.

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Sandy, it was a pleasure to meet you. Head to the men's locker room. Let it all hang out. I'm naked here.

A little You stare in disbelief as she strips off her bikini. Oh my god! I'm trying not to Christine is my girlfriend, not you. I'd know. No, but You're ferociously hot. And I really want to. But, no.

Hold your breath and shake your head. In spite of yourself, stare at her body. You've got an amazing body.