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South girl picking guy fable how to have intercourse courtship

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naughty prostitute Alia

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My age: I am 50
Where am I from: Namibian
I prefer: Hetero
Sex: Lady
I can speak: Spanish
My Sign of the zodiac: Sagittarius
I like piercing: None
Body tattoos: None
Smoker: No

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slut gal Natasha

Thread title From Last replied Now searching Forgot your password? Remember me. Follow neoseeker. All Fable Forums. Guide To Sex in Fable 2 1. Topic: Guide To Sex in Fable 2. Options: Share Print subscribe. Wiki s Fable 2. Praise the Sun! N'Somniac 1 total posts: neopoints: 42 since: Aug That was actually far better written than I imagined it to be.

Just a minor correction though, there are still prostitutes within Westcliff when you aid Barnum.

eye-candy wife Hunter

She's quite the looker if I say so myself. Also, for random villager sex, you have to find salacious NPC's. Usually a barmaid will give you a quickie upstairs. I swear you just said you have to wait for them to ask, you could just use the 'come back to my place'.

Fable 3: how to have sex with villagers

Formerly Roy Purely Neo 31 total posts: neopoints: since: Jan Sometimes seduction can work to as well, or I guess if it's their favorite expression. It worked for Alex, so I'm happy. Local hero Still Seekin' total posts: neopoints: 96 thread neolove: 20 post neolove: since: Jun Killaminjaro ultra seeker total posts: since: Oct Purchase the "Come hither, dear" Book from the bower stone bookstore.

Neophyte total posts: 21 since: Jun Surely you can't be serious threadnought total posts: since: May I think getting a villager drunk may allow you to use the "Come back to my place" expression.

Only tried it once and it worked, so I'm not quite sure. IDK about that but I'm pretty sure you get that expression when your renown is high enough. I had no problem getting that expression. The day after I got the belch one, but how are left for me I think about 8.

naked girls Kassidy

Neo-newbie total posts: 0 since: Oct I own every shop and have ten. Similar Thre Fable 2 Feature List!

white girl Kenia

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Red Dead Redemption 2.

house girlfriend Thalia

Ryse: Son of Rome. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Xenoblade Chronicles 2. S: 1 2 next».

Wiki s Fable 2 I'm posting this because it seems like a lot of people are having trouble with getting some sweet hot lovin in this game. So here is a step by step, detailed explanation of the different ways to get your wick wet in Fable 2!

tight sister Khloe

For married sex: find a nice girl or guy and impress them through expressions until they have a red heart above their head. If they accept the ring then have them follow you to a house that you want to buy. Click on the in front of the house to buy it and select the "move in with spouse" option. Vuala, you are a married man!

married escorts Rebekah

Now pretty soon your spouse is going to have an urge to consummate the marriage get dirty and will start asking you for sex. If this doesn't happen then try using some flirty expressions like seduce or blow kiss or you could just be patient and wait for them to ask. Once they ask or show interest the thumbs up expression will show up at d-pad DOWN. Press that and you spouse will automatically start following you. Go to your marital bed and click on it when they are next to you. If you are not too scary or unattractive or evil the prostitute should give you an offer.

If you are confused as to who the prostitutes are then just select one and their name should be "X the whore". The thumbs up expression should appear at d-pad UP. Go find a bed taverns have beds in the back that will work just fine and should be in the area and click on them.

Parents guide

The same protected or not screen should pop up and select that to have a good time. I don't think you can have a kid but you do sometimes contract STDs if you use unprotected sex.

cute wives Ashley

STDs are meaningless and don't effect your game whatsoever. I have not tried to have sex with a random villager out of wedlock but I know it can be done. I assume you just have to charm them enough and use the "come back to my place" expression and find a bed and repeat the steps listed above.

passionate ladies Marlowe

Ghetto Prince Local hero Still Seekin' total posts: neopoints: 96 thread neolove: 20 post neolove: since: Jun Prince Thoughts and opinions are not my own and are stolen from online forums. DragonKin Killaminjaro ultra seeker total posts: since: Oct Thank you! I will edit OP to match your corrrection.

I totally forgot about the whores in nicer westcliff! And now you know, because knowledge is power!

ebony floozy Phoebe

Evil Parrot Surely you can't be serious threadnought total posts: since: May Nope, it's only available via the book. Anyway, isn't it obvious? Wait a few days for a restock.