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[unity] cloud meadow [vd beta] [team nimbus]

Discussion Reviews The art style is great though the game itself needs A LOT of improvement in the code or whatever keeps it working cause I f95 cloud meadow never played a game with that many crashes happening in one play through which is order to fix you are forced to go to their discord, give them a bunch of files and your save and HOPE its fixed. Though the game tries too hard to be something that it isn't with the farming system which is a waste of time. Not worth it unless you really like the artstyle. Perpetually in development. Hasn't really progressed in the many many years it's been supposedly being made.

Many years later, I still don't fully understand what happened between the devs of Breeding Season to cause them to split up and some of them to begin this game. But one thing I do know is that, even in its unfinished state, I enjoy Breeding Season more than this. There is a lot to do, and more obvious potential to the story than what we are getting here.

Cloud Meadow is not an improvement. For the first time since i started following this game, i am surprised. I don't know if the dev finally started listening to people or if they're done with all the current bugs and glitches but somehow the game now has it shit together The remaining monster sprites have been added and some new dungeons are available. I am cautiously surprised.

Cloud meadow [vd beta]

I'm not so sure if this is even a 'game' considering there is more talking than anything. The entire premise of building a game is limiting the talking of the npcs It instantly bores me, I wouldn't recommend 'Cloud Meadow' to anyone. One word to describe Cloud Meadow would be "scam". That's not an accusation that I throw around, but I've rarely seen a Patreon scam as egregious as this.

Most porn game scams drip feed content to keep people hooked, but CM has somehow gotten by on We're five years in, and it's still basically just a tech demo.

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Hard pass on this one. The graphics aren't great, the game feels incredibly grindy, there just isn't much in the way of fun any more. It just feels like so many lost opportunities and wasted chances. I'm thankful I wasn't one of the original breeding season supporters or I'd feel so ripped off. Despite this game is obvious descendant of Breeding season it have same ultra-slow developement and not great management it have also some pros - all player-NPCs interactions were animated and all NPCs' ones are animated in pixelated style.

For anyone who wanted more Breeding season hard clone i recomment to throw money into Breeding Farm project. There is a lot of reviews about animation, gameplay and all but i want to just say: This is not a porn game.

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The game was a master piece because they knew what we want, we want PORN, what a suprise right? The development of the game was in the right direction. At first, it was a simple gameplay with a few monsters, with the time, they added more monsters because what is better than one good thing? Basically, the updates was in the line of pleasing more fetishs, you know, trying to add something new like for example, more human like monsters or more monster like monsters that sound weird or younger versions of them Ok there is more but i think this is enought to you understand that game was focused on porn and we loved that.

A lot of people have talked about this game being a scam because how slow the updates are coming and of course, they are, like Anyways, that is not just why this game is a scam but its also the fact they are baiting people with the porn when they actually f95 cloud meadow even care about it, i mean, i really feel like they dont want to make a porn game, which its ok but not if they bait people with that.

Why i think this? Another one is the feature of SFW mode in the game, if they add that, it means they think someone want to play this game without porn, which it means they are adding things not related to porn i think im using too much this word enought things to make it appeal for play it in SFW. And why not, here is another one more, remember i said breeding of seasons have monsters x monster and they where adding more fetishs with the time?

Alright alright, i know there are gifs of mxm but they are just trash, they are just a few pixels moving with not even cum stage, cmon! Its not f95 cloud meadow mxm but also its like they just ignored a lot of fetish they could have such as younger version of a monster or no consent sex dont look at me like that! They gave some excuses like younger version are not legal in patreon and i kind of understand they dont want to play with fire but lets be honest, there are ways to do it, like the monster is just smaller or magic.

I said younger fetish but i bet they used that excuse for others stuffs. No sure if i was clear but my point is this game dont even want to be porn, they are pretty much baiting coomers and using the fame of breeding season.

And i dont really like to say "that devs are scam" but they really are playing with people, probrably they are going pretty vanilla for what they were expected because monsterxmonster are a niche fetish and maybe harder to sell in some webs, even making it sfw help to sell it in more webs. After almost 5 years, the game looks like its getting some base, it has a dungeon, farm, npc, and a few things but, 5 years, its not worth, try it if you didnt but i warn you, dont get your hopes up for the game and check out the cheat gallery because the game is not really that fun, its meh, after 5 years Now i understand why breeding season team got splited.

Being in development for over five years and having a good start in the form of "Breeding Season" is very depressing. In principle, there is no kitten. Constant alterations of those places that do not require it anyway. As a result, things get f95 cloud meadow and worse with each patch. The only plus is the art style.

Cloudmeadow - cloud meadow - version - update

He's on top, but not in "H" scenes. In general, I do not advise paying attention to this "game" for the next ten years. This game is the definition of a facade, the striking amazing pixel art, the sex scenes if they're even gonna add them anymoreand. But dear god this game is an indescribable type of mess. Patrons, please spend your money to something else meaningful, because this isn't it. I don't know if the devs are trying any more, putting out content none of us wanted, releasing bugfixes only to be more bugs created.

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The only 'farm' focused content is almost nonexistent, except they've just focused on 'dungeons' or whatever. The only thing I can say that's good about this game is the amazing artstyle, and the ever so little content of the porn. I loved this game, I wish it turned out much better. We'll see in the future. Ah yes, Cloud Meadow.

The prettiest, most beautiful pixel art-styled trash heap on top of a dumpster pile to ever exist. Playing this 'game' is like pulling out your toenails with tweezers and burning your earlobes with a hot kebab poker. The people who actually supported this for the past 5 years probably feel 3 times as bad.

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What is there to say about this game that hasn't already been said? The gameplay is trash, the experience is trash. The devs are constantly bugfixing only to create more bugs, more content is added that nobody wants or asks for, and everything goes to hell with every update.

Download cloud meadow – version d – update porn game

The only redeeming feature of this monument of crap is the art and maybe the music, but everything else is such a spectacular failure that it's pointless. Breeding season, while not nearly of the same polished appearance and ambition as this game, was at least straightforward and easy to enjoy, The premise was simple; buy monsters, fuck em, give birth, raise em and sell em to the highest bidder and pay off your debts.

Along the way, meet new characters and play some side quests to get fked some more. So thank you S-Purple, for giving up on a workable game and instead decide to create this pile of garbage with a single red rose growing out of it, and stealing everybody's money for 5 years while giving back this sad excuse for a game in return. It's a pity you're so good at pixel art because you clearly suck at everything f95 cloud meadow.

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The root cause to what ruined Breeding Season. This game contains way to much talking, and way to little farming. The dev's are greedy and I am glad to have never actually contributed to this game's development.

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I would never contribute to a game that was founded on such greasy circumstances. The biggest reason for the 1 star though is this game is garbage.