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I picking girl that like concubine by logan scodini

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Concubine a gamebook for adults by logan scodini

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ed Aug 26, Messages 41 Reputation score 2. Last edited: Jul 22, ed Jan 4, Messages Reputation score I'll definitely give it a go when I have the time. ed Jul 29, Messages Reputation score Re: TiW: Concubine Reverse Trainer Loaded up the online version, went to the settings and turned off sound and music, raining noise kept playing, closed the game. Try again in a couple months. MrMe Lurker. ed Nov 26, Messages 1, Reputation score Hope the character art is just a placeholder though, she's a bit Seis Demon Girl.

ed Jun 12, Messages 78 Reputation score While there's plenty of slave trainer games, they're always from the trainer POV. But unfortunately i'm already very disappointed. First day and there's no option to rebel.

Logan scodini

Either you clean the mansion or quit playing--not a promising start. Then i refuse to cook dinner concubine by logan scodini he just goes out to eat and leaves me hungry? Sure it's a punishment but it's very weak and passive. I expected something more severe especially because it's the first few days when a slave is going to be the most resistant.

The trainer seems too nice. Then the next day you have to make dinner because apparently refusing and going hungry isn't an option. This doesn't look like the experience i was hoping for so i just quit at that point. Either it's too tame or i just need to wait for it get more fleshed out.

Either way, good luck. And yeah, the rain noise doesn't get turned off when you disable sounds. Thankfully Firefox let's you mute individual tabs. ed Aug 17, Messages 63 Reputation score 4. Briger Grim Reaper. ed Apr 25, Messages Reputation score Well, i was really excited to see this. ed Jun 26, Messages 14 Reputation score 0. It's very hot. If I had money I'd back this, no question.

This could be a classic if done right. Valgo Demon Girl Pro. ed Jun 18, Messages Reputation score The way it is now I it is certainly more unique and what we've seen so far is merely a tease. It depends on how the game unfolds from there if I like it or not.

So consider me interested for the time being. You may now train as an apprentice at the Temple of Eros, for a small sum of money. In the next patch it will become another area for you to work at. More than 6k words in this update, most of it lewd content oral and one anal!

Logan scodini - concubine a gamebook for adults

I feel like the game is slowly beginning to branch out, with new areas to explore and choices to make. It's still very linear and the story will have to be a bitbut I'm starting to see a product which is closer to what I want. The main storyline of the game will soon start to unfold a bit, and you will meet people who are a bit more involved into it.

In the meantime it's always fun to write a lot of sex scenes, since this is what this game stands for, after all. Next update will be smaller since I need to wrap up the ending of TiW Chapter 1. I want it done so I can work on the next chapter, which should be much improved!

Concubine a gamebook for adults by logan scodini fantasy

Re: Concubine Trainer - This time, you are the one being trained! New version has been released, which includes an update to the Public Version! Patch Notes You may now work as an apprentice for the Temple of Eros 4 scenes available for now Well, the update looks small 4 linear side-story scenesbut there are actually around 5k word in them, which is why it wasn't such a bad update after all, considering this hectic week. Concubine Update! The Training Estate! Patch Notes One more scene is available at the Temple of Eros.

The first part of the Training Estate is available! Note: You won't be able to go back home until next patch, so you might want to save before going to the Estate. Llama Demon Girl. ed Apr 20, Messages 59 Reputation score 1. Its an interesting idea, but I hate the fact that I'm seemingly getting railroaded every other choice. Just let me get myself killed already.

Concubine a gamebook for adults by logan scodini fantasy

Equestrian Hotness! This update features a few scenes at the Estate, focusing mostly on your training and Pony-Play. I thought I would also feature your return to the Mansion, but I suddenly got a few ideas and it will be for next week. Patch Notes A few more scenes to almost conclude your stay at the Estate.

Dzhazgo Jungle Girl. ed Feb 3, Messages 20 Reputation score 9. I updated the latest Public version You can get it by from this link: You must be registered to see the links. Last edited: Apr 15, Re: Concubine: A Gamebook for Adults, by Logan Scodini The game has been through a few updates now, you can find the latest Public build here: You must be registered to see the links.

Acac Demon Girl Master. ed Jun 27, Messages Reputation score 7. Keep it up! Things I really like: We have a lot of games where you are the slave trainer, but very few games where you are the slave being trained. It's something I also wanted to make, and I salute your efforts!

I think it's a very cool premise! I really like the characters. I like the twist that your trainer is actually relatively compassionate. The fact that he's also doing it out of duress makes a very interesting and surprising bond between you two. Maybe this is a close study of Stockholm Syndrome? The character sheet is a nice touch. I also like how your character image reflects your parameters.

Logan scodini - concubine a gamebook

It would be cool if the boob size grows or shrink based on future transformation. I like that the game becomes pretty open-world, where you can how to spend your time. Things I'm not really a fan of: Personally, I think the scene text can be pretty long.