About PlacesFor.FUN

Looking for places to take our kids out, we were struggling to find a site that covered a wide range of different areas that we could look at, so we started building PlacesFor.FUN.

We started discussing adding playgrounds local to our area, but decided very quickly that it needed to be so much more. We have expanded the list to include theme parks, trampoline parks, arcades, movie theaters, and would like to expand to any place that kids can have FUN.

Quickly our discussions turned to not just have local places, but places all over the world. Searching for places internationally near where we were planning to go on holidays was extremely difficult, so we created the site in such a way that you can search a specific address or part of the map to show places in that area.

But… we cannot do this on our own. We cannot visit and review every single place, so this is where it is open for anyone to submit and upload their own experiences. You can also claim existing places for you to add information and photos for everyone to see. Basically, to make the site worthwhile, we all need to be involved so that anyone in the world can find somewhere to create new memories with their children.

Enjoy the community we are creating, and feel free to contact us for positive or negative feedback. We are open to ideas that you may have to improve the site.


Simon & Jo

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